8FD Designs, located in Decatur, Texas, owns a 32,000 sq. foot production shop, which enables them to perform a wide range of capabilities.

8FD’s Capabilities Includecapabilities.jpg

  • Full-scale Woodworking Shop
  • Welding Shop and Forge
  • Sheet Metal Shop
  • Spraying Room
  • Framing Room
  • Screen Printing
  • Vinyl Cutting
  • Digital Printing
  • Laser Cutting
  • Engraving

8FD’s Process

Wood Products

  • As a production shop, 8FD relies on a large number of dedicated machines to straight-line, rip and glue up rough lumber. The lumber is then cut, routed, formed shaped drilled and sanded into individual products.


 Metal Products

  • Metal items are cut, forged, bent, rolled, punched drilled, tumbled, twisted, cleaned, acid washed and finished.

Laser Products

  • Laser machines are used to cut shapes and letters out of wood, acrylic, leather, fabric and paper. The laser machines are also used to mark and engrave these materials.


  • On most products, finishing begins in a 240 sq. foot spray room, followed up with hand finishing techniques including glazing, distressing layering, oiling, waxing and clear coating.


  • Lastly, products are decorated using applied letters and shapes, screen-printing, pad printing, stencils, clear films and printed papers.


8FD is able to combine all of these capabilities to provide their clients with endless, uniquely suited products.