With extensive experience and a passion in wood craftsmanship, 8FD Designs specializes in creating customized and exclusive designs using wood and steel for single buyers, as well as, large corporate buyers. Our work includes woodworking, ironwork, screen-printing and laser engraving. We’ve also extended our passion into our own retail shop where consumers can purchase our most popular designs, including personalized cutting boards, various wood signs, screen printed signs and home decor accent pieces.

All of our products are created within our 32,000 sq. foot production shop located in Decatur, Texas.

Are you looking for a wholesale manufacturing partner or a contract-manufacturing partner, which also has a team of innovative thinkers? If so, we’re the partner for you! We work with single buyers, such as Magnolia Market, to create exclusive products just for their customers. We also work with large corporate companies and individual stores.

A selection of our products are available on